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grand carne




TMI introduces ..... Gran Carne Premium Grainfed beef!


The Gran Carne products are from selected Hereford and Angus cattle. Uruguayan cattle belong to the best in the World. On the endless natural fields with fertile grass, cattle can move freely the whole year round.


In the last stage the animals get a special balanced diet for 100-120 days. This special grain diet gives our meat a nice marbling and a superb, juicy taste.
Gran Carne meat truly deserves the classification of Premium High Quality Grainfed Beef.


The Gran Carne products are available under 2 brands: Gran Carne Premium and Gran Carne Black Angus Premium. Gran Carne Premium is packed in gray coloured boxes and the Gran Carne Black Angus Premium is packed in the black designed cartons.



gran carne box







gran carne box







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